Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Guess I'm a little stressed, underneath it all, nyernt nyernt.

I've been so busy the last several days getting ready for school and kind of too busy to really see how close I was getting to a meltdown but today brought the catalyst. It was in the form of a new Charter bill. I went on the site simply to make sure I had a zero balance like all my other AL utilities and was quite surprised to see a bill for current service thru June 23. Called them and two people in a row told me there was no record of the service being disconnected and further that there was no record of my having turned in my modem. I would have to let the outstanding balance stand and find my modem receipt (um, yeah, that was the last day or so of packing so you can imagine where it probably is: in the bottom of some box somewhere) and xerox it and send it to them.

Anyway somehow I got to Marcia, Customer Service Specialist Extraordinaire, who got a rather teary earfill (which is fun to say really fast). After all the anti-debt work I've put in the last couple of years, any weirdness at all in the money sector makes me pretty unhappy, what can I say. Marcia took my eruption completely in stride and had me take a couple of deep breaths and was nothing but understanding and compassionate. Beyond that, somehow she had the Magic Computer that showed her I had indeed turned in my modem (it's beside the point, perhaps, that had the others seen that info I would have been saved all my distress in the first place, ahem) and not only do I not have to pay the current bill but I'm getting a refund for overpayment last month since I had already paid when I called to cancel service, and they had never told me I was due any money back. So, bonus!

Anyway if you ever need to talk to Charter about anything icky, ask for Marcia. Seriously, she should be helping Jimmy Carter or something.

As for me, post-crise, I feel great tho headachey. Probably my pressure valve needed releasing is all. On a standard day w/o all the new things and tasks and stuff filling my head the last few weeks, something like this would put me on alert, certainly, but not necessarily push me over the top. So there.

On the bright side (besides money back and really nice phone ladies that is) is my mountain bike is home with road-friendly tires and I found a really fun backroads shortcut (Dad would smile) with Hal when we went to the bike shop, thereby missing all the construction traffic (yes, Aub*rners: here, too, altho not the likes of Aub*rn's!) plus finding the fairly fun campus radio station (indie fare) since Hal's CD player has been chewing on my Arcade Fire disc for the last week or so and will neither play nor eject it. Up to today I was limited to sportstalk radio or this other station where everything sounds like a 2000's version of Peaches and Herb without the talent.

Off to write two quizzes and a lesson plan, and grab a Stella from the fridge, mayhaps.


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Adrienne a dit…

Ah, Charter. . .I was thinking about them today when I saw my current bill and noticed how un-user-friendly their site is. Why do I think that disconnecting my service for the account name "Adrienne Adrienne" will be a hassle? I hope you had your Stella, it sounds like you have earned at least two! :)

Applecart T. a dit…

i love companies that don't tell you they owe you money unless you ask. there's a great business principle.