If you're munchy and you love pistachios, it is imperative that you go directly to your nearest store and buy these:

There are no words for the ambrosiac experience you'll find in that bag. Trust me.

If you have a hankering for a movie, it is imperative that you go directly to your nearest video store and rent anything BUT this movie:

OK that might be a slight overstatement. It's not horrible, except in the potential that it buries along the way - that part might be criminal. The acting was good mostly, Morgan Freeman sublime as usual and wondrous Jane Alexander, others pretty solid (except I admit I dislike Radha Mitchell nowadays - not really sure why - but I promise I was objective where her scenes were concerned). Without taking into account how cool it could have been tho, it's mostly just blah with a glimpse or two of promise, and an overlay of unfocused contrivance. I imagine it worked much better as a book; perhaps it's the fault of the adaptor/s. (The worst part is I had my doubts, even if I hadn't looked the reviews up online; but again, so much potential!)

Is it not amazing how important a $4 decision might be in one's destiny?!

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Applecart T. a dit…

i will seek out these chips. i have never seen them.