Various Thursday Happys

Happy the 1st: Lo & behold, if you're either a student or a faculty member at Clems*n and you need Office 2007 , you can simply go check out the installation disk from the library and put it on your home, i.e. privately-owned, non-university, computer! Miraculous! (at least compared to experiences at other institutions...)

Happy the 2nd: Panicking at the mysterious absence of several (oh, only 30 or 40, mostly jazz - the horror of losing all that!!!) albums on my iTunes the other day after reorganizing my music so that it was all on my exterior HD, only to remember today that I still have about 75 or so CDs I never ripped before moving and seeing that the supposedly missing ones are all in there.

Happy the 3rd: Having hyperefficiently deleted the rip-into folder on my pooter during the aforementioned iTunes reorganization, ripping Vince Guaraldi just now and then after panicking a few minutes realizing that iTunes is ripping automatically to the exterior HD! Another miracle!! (Doubtless many of you are shaking your heads in amazement at my amazement but since my ventures into the even slightly more sophisticated workings of iTunes are few and far between, this does indeed seem miraculous to me.)

Happy the 4th: TrueNorth pistachio chips. (They deserve not only second mention but probably a 4millionth.)

Happys the 5th & 6th: Actually waking up to a chilly house and then some nice cool breezes on my bikeride home from campus today to counter the hot sun.

Happy the 7th: Getting help on how to do the image on my graphic syllabus and finding it will be way simpler (of course) than I ever dreamed.

Happy the 8th: Hal's escaping a break-in due, I think, to his scruffy lived-in appearance. Seven cars were broken into the other night in our neighborhood (yikes) and stereos stolen. My 2-month-old stereo isn't fantastic but it's solidly decent but I think (knock wood) that they just assumed there wouldn't be anything snatchworthy inside.

Happy the 9th: having what is probably the first mostly de-stressing rather than stress-inducing section meeting this decade. Perversely, a fair amount of work is stemming from it but overall it helped me feel less stressed about the people I'll be working with, which is a big thing, especially where the coordinator is concerned. (I'm first-year coordinator but the second-year coordinator is much more easy-going than I had dared hope, and certainly much moreso than someone I used to have to work with in that capacity. Ahem.)

Happy the 10th: Office actually seems to work, even tho it took eons to install!

Happy the 11th: Friday's approach, of course, plus a new tutor student session tomorrow, but mostly just the fact that it's Friday, even if it is summer and I have no real reason to prefer the weekend aside from the fact that no one expects me to be available for anything.

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