Ice cream. Give. Sam. Ice Cream. Give. Sam. Ice cream. Give. Sam. Ice Cream. Give. Sam. Ice crea...

That's not incessant meowing of a lower life form you would hear if you were with me when I took this pic, it was Sammers trying his Jedi Ice Cream Mind Trick (he has never grasped that the JMT is not usually audible) on my ice cream bar... alas, to no avail.

A little while later there was quite a different reaction to my Orbit "sweet mint" gum (which I only purchased to see what the heck they meant) wrapper which I had held out for him just before this:

I must say that was pretty much my reaction, too, once I put it in my mouth. I kinda think it looks more like someone fed him an umeboshi plum or some of those sour candies that are all the rage (and which always make me sad Mom isn't still around - she'd be beside herself with that trend; she loved sour candies).

I really can't say I'd ever before actually seen a cat pucker its lips.

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Jessica a dit…

I wonder what is on your TV in the background. I can't really tell.

Sammers is so funny. I can understand his craving for ice cream, but we differ on the gum - I actually like sweet mint gum. :) My favorite right now though is Stride's mandarin something, it's rather tasty orange.

ahh I wonder if Sammers will remember me when I come visit (hopefully) in wintertime.

And this is a really boring long comment. :)

Applecart T. a dit…

Oh, THAT'S how they make those smiling cat greeting cards!

I can't remember if I tried Sweet Mint. It's sour, really? I did Orbit's Sangria something, and it was not all that great. I am still searching for the best gum flavor, so I'm glad the R&D folks at gum-land are too.