Random Photos & Babble, a.k.a. Impromptu Photographic Ode to Miss Lucy & Friend, a.k.a. Me Not Wanting to Work, Plus a Surprise Imaginary Poll!

Firstly the IKEA disclaimer - I do NOT dislike IKEA in any way, shape, or form - I LOVE it which is why I want to keep from going there if possible b/c even tho their stuff is nice and affordable I'm liable to have an attack of impulse-buying and get a humongous amount of stuff on the spur of the moment which, yes, would be very nice and look fun and hold all my sundries wonderfully but which also would lead me to weeks if not months of spending guilt. So there. Until someone figures out a foolproof way to inject me with impulse control or until I've solidly recovered from this summer I am not allowed to go to IKEA.

Now that you've suffered a mini-tirade, you get to see a fun photo!

Dark Day in Whisker City

Boy can that Luba-doo look testy sometimes or what? At least she sat still for this one. She has been doing better in general at sitting still for photo sessions lately - hopefully it's a lasting trend.

Now the more obvious fun thing there - who thought up "Whisker City"!?!?!?! I admit the name is at least 30% of why I bought it. The other 70% was paranoia about the carpeting in the house, which I was worried would be primo scratching material for the Boo, who is nothing if not fastidious about her lovely claws and has been known to scratch on anything she considers to offer the least bit of rough tactile fun, including a certain antique ladder-back wicker-seat chair - Ahem. Even buying Whisker City, I wasn't super hopeful she'd go for it b/c of the Cat Paraphernalia Industry Curse where most things that look fun or appealing to the most experienced cat owner will be spurned by their feline family members. But check it out! Hey Mikey! I think she likes it! For the record, she scratches on it just as much as she sits on it, but being Miss Lucy, if something isn't equally fun to scratch and sit on then it's really just not worth it.

Hey! We haven't used our AC for about 3 days but tonight I broke down, mostly b/c I decided that feeling constantly sticky and sluggish might be partly why I don't feel like doing any work. Honestly this is not just a rationalization for using the AC - I'd much rather not use it and of course I'd much rather not do work, so really this is me being incredibly smart and good-thinking and production-oriented. Added benefit is that the cats come out of their heat-induced comas a bit earlier in the evening. I started realizing (along with my stickiness and my own sluggishness) that Sam and Lucy have been spending about 10-20% more of their time sleeping than they used to and while it probably doesn't hurt, it just seems kind of bad that the heat in the house is such that they, too, are resisting the slightest exertion in favor of motionlessness. Sometimes of course, with Sammers in particular, I'd kinda rather have the motionlessness, but really he has shaped up to be quite the well-behaved cat compared to what could have evolved from his TRULY Terrible 2's. Some of you will remember his knocking HUGE framed pictures off the walls, repeatedly injuring himself (kind of the feline version of my brother as a toddler), and breaking pottery or knocking cups of thumbtacks clattering to the floor at 3 in the morning, just for kicks. Now he reserves most of his gravity tests and other antics for dinnertime or other Susanattention-getters, which, really is just efficient communication. What self-respecting linguist could possibly find fault with that?!

How about some random pix? I took a lot of moving-in/unpacking pix but they're not exactly timely now. Still a few are post-worthy...

Suitcase unpacking quality check nearly complete. You may put it away as soon as I finish smelling and possibly lying down in it and not a second before.

Lucy's next-to-favorite part about unpacking: how the household terrain changes daily with new nooks & crannies and climbing towers.

Lucy's - of course - favorite part of unpacking: the boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, really, packing material is pretty fun, too. Might have to rethink our prioritization of unpacking fun.

FTR: Plastic bag naps were under strict supervision, altho cat facial hair and whiskers lessen considerably the suffocation risks.

What on earth
, I ask you, is more fun than completely aimless purely procrastination-fed blogposts?! Here's what I think my most faithful readers might answer... (in NO particular order - no fighting no biting!)

Jessica: Knitting or maybe running or maybe hiking or maybe eating kimchi or maybe watching The Office with Harland as he sips a girlie drink with an umbrella in it...

Andy: playing with my iPhone, listening to my iPod, reading stuff online on my Mac, doing most anything Apple, watching Six Feet Under or Californication, or driving my new car!

Adrienne: having a margarita, of course! or, possibly, having a greyhound not bite me on the head...

John: avoiding fire ants, watching Buffy or drinking a nice red, or both, and of course, having my greyhound not bite my fiancée on the head...

Tracy: Corndogs! No brainer.

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Jessica a dit…

You forgot "reading Susan's blog with a procrastination-fed post". Haha. I have been running this morning, though. I wish I had time for a nap before work.

Goodness me I haven't knit in ages. And I wish we had tiny umbrellas for our drinks. :)

Lucy always looks so calm and Sammers always looks like he is 5 seconds away from trouble. :) I love the bag shot.

ap a dit…

Listening to David Sedaris and This American Life, but only whenever the Tour de France is NOT on... duh :)

Applecart T. a dit…

Struggling to content-ify the work-related blog, argh, it's so tedious, partially because it is in Wordpress, which I don't know or have time to check to see what the toolbar does, so I'm just blinding myself with HTML that doesn't make sense to me (you can apparently add a lot of layers of <> that are meaningless, or me and the intern who posted most of the calendar don't do it the same).

But wait, that's not a distraction! Corn dog supply is gone in house and will be for some time. Replenished salsa supply and Granny Smith apples, which are now $6.50 a bag. I guess they are not in season, but I can't just eat grapes and plums. I just don't want to.