6.5 hours of sleep = magic

I kind of went on strike last night. Well I've been on mini-strike a lot anyway because I have a gazillion tons of work to do (roughly equivalent to how things were during the conferences I worked on in Aub*rn), so I work manically for a while, then I spend a bunch of time freaking about what to dig in on next or what is the absolute perfect way to approach the next task. Both stages are pretty exhausting, and take a long time. Which explains why last week and this I was averaging 3-4 hours' sleep/night. Last night I neither worked nor freaked (well OK I freaked a little) but went to bed instead of staying up (too late). Then I overslept this morning (after going back to bed post-feline-breakfast-doling) - not enough to be late since I was "supposed" to be up at 5, but overslept til 6h20, still leaving ample time to finish the Paris program brochure edits, which I had oh-so-Susanly budgeted 2 hours for but in fact took all of 20 minutes.

Herein lies the main problem - the freaking about stuff makes me think everything is going to take 400 times longer and be 400 times harder than it really will be. Those of you who've been around me during big projects, translations, certain conference tasks, will have already seen the pattern. And in fact I have, too, it's just that when I'm in the thick of it I always forget.

Alas - perspective is tricky.

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ap a dit…

You just need a ladder so you can see better :)

Applecart T. a dit…

remind yourself of your confident competence!
you could pretend you're in Susan Co., where "they" post motivational charts about how quickly certain things take you.

I have the same sleep problem and the opposite time-budgeting woes. things just take forever. i had a goal this holiday weekend to catch up on 300 work emails (they incrementally grow, despite my hacking away continually), edit 10 documents for October edition, but alas, no.