Foux de Fa Fa

One of my more fun 202 students sent me this with the note "probably not good to post on Blackboard." But you guys know me well enough not to be surprised I find it PERFECT for Blackboard and am even using it for my 104 labs (not the whole lesson, just a fun lead-in - I'm not entirely disinterested in constructive lesson planning) today and Friday.

Anyway to celebrate the first well-slept-for teaching day in about 3 weeks and because even tho I'm well-rested I'm still busier than shit and kind of in a bad mood about school I'm sharing it with you so you'll have something fun on here.

Foux de Fa Fa by Flight of the Conchords

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Adrienne a dit…

Okay, this is too funny. I am going to use it today in my linguistics class and tomorrow when we start the food chapter in 2001. Merci!

Jessica a dit…

well now I had to listen to like 20 minutes of their songs and episodes on You Tube. Hahahaha.

They're so funny.

Jessica a dit…

and today i spent decidedly more time watching their videos on You Tube. I ended up buying the show's DVD.

If you only have a few minutes to see videos... I suggest Business Time and the song they did on David Letterman.

Ahhhh.... thanks Susan's student for a new time wasting internet adventure!