Monday, Monday, So good to me...

Well so far anyway not bad. Which is much more credit than I can usually give Mondays, as you know.

Anyway I'm antsy b/c I just did my first of 24 class visits re: the Paris summer program, of which, I have yet to tell most of you, I will be the on-site director this next May-June. Taking it over from Kelly, who will join me for the first week or so, then I'll stay on. Until then I'm doing virtually all of the prep this year, but with her overseeing/showing me the ropes.

So this week will be weird little bits of adrenaline like that, but as of Thursday (assuming two more profs get back to me about scheduling) I'll be all done with the visits. It's the first big task for the year, or second I guess I should say: we had Study Abroad Fair a few weeks ago - had a table with a PowerPoint, our new brochures (which we edited 3 weeks ago - so I guess that was another big task) and sign-up sheets. Anyway now we're starting to work out some admin. stuff, then I'm holding info meetings in Oct. and Nov. and possibly more visits early Jan., yadda yadda yadda...

Then crazy spring, much akin no doubt to my pre-conference springs at Aub*rn, altho with a more fun thing to be stressed about.

So, two things - anyone wanting to come and sleep on my couch in Paris and have free lodgings is completely welcome, and anyone wanting to go sleep in my SC house and have free lodgings along with feline company and a few responsibilities is completely welcome there, too!

In fact the cats are the only thing I'm bummed about - I can't believe how sad I already am at the idea of leaving them for that long! I only hope I'll be too busy in France (very likely) to worry too much about them, once I find a good way to handle the catsitting issue anyway.

Done babbling/using up nervous energy. Back to lesson planning in between 5 more class visits today... Hiking news later...

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