Two Waterfalls, Two Susans

Here are closer-up no-need-to-click-400-times-to-get-to-them pix of two of my favorite cascades here in the foothills.

Chauga Narrows
Restful and beautiful, fun rocks to climb or picnic on. Shortish, very low-key hike in, except maybe the last 20 yards which is pretty steep.

Bee Cove Falls
You can't tell but the ledge-formed cave beneath me goes back about 15 feet. This is still my favorite set of falls altho I might change my tune after the next few weeks - we have two more cascade hikes planned. Shortish hike in and out tho steady incline and at the falls themselves some moderate gravity-defying scramblage is necessary to see the various levels.
I think you'll agree that this is probably much pleasanter for you than the huge bitchfest I was going to post about a couple of unfavorable events of late. Don't worry - it's just a slight strain of cranal-anal inversion that seems to be going around; either the people in question will recover soon or I'll finally learn how not to let it tork me so much.

...it could happen!

Susan Mellowing Sequence initiated.

Activate waterfall hike memories NOW.

3 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

whhoooo! Waterfalls! Yay!
Just what I needed. This has to be short. Because I live with someone who is currently freaking out that it is bedtime 10 minutes ago and I have not gotten up to go rush my teeth yet.

he can suck it(said in the kindest of ways), I want to look at waterfalls!!

They're lovely and so are you!!! You're a hiking maniac! There is no way I can catch up to you!

Applecart T. a dit…

i like the bitchfests!
after all, stock market, etc.

Adrienne a dit…

These pics are really breathtaking! I wish I could be there right now instead of sitting in an office with crappy flourescent lighting.