What's the difference between a mushroom and a toadstool and Susan's boot?

Crazy Rabun Bald Mutant Mushroom-Toadstool-Thingy and One of the Two Bestest Hiking Boots in the Whole World

About 2 inches. Har. Of course when Patrick, who took this pic, asked for me to hold my foot for scale I warned him that it would make the mushroom/toadstool? that much less impressive to anyone who knows my feet are a bit dinky. As for others, it might as well be a size 15 boot! (And actually that isn't completely impossible - someone in the group spotted a 14-incher but it was too steep to photograph easily.)

Alas tho my boots are indeed looking more lived-in, you can't really tell here. Guess I just gotta keep hiking - the sooner they can get scruffy enough to not be picked on by detail-oriented blogreader friends and clean-boot-snob hiking buddies all the other neighborhood boots. Tee hee.

Oh, and yes, you guessed it - 4 tons of schoolwork to do tonight which explains the blogcrastination.

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Jessica a dit…

wow! I think I saw a bigger mushroom than that once, but it was on a cartoon show when I was little (you know how cartoons were in the 70's). Anyway, I think the picture is really super fun!!

miss you!

Applecart T. a dit…

we saw some neon orange ones and some ultra-violent purple ones (the fins, under a gray nondescript puff thing) in the marshy southern missouri a few weekends ago.