kinda makes me wonder 'boutcha

Well... J., the acting FR section head came in on one of his visits to our office to ask me stuff (happily, I feel OK about it now and no longer stress when I see him approach - guess I'm making progress after all around here:) and I had my headphones on (they're pretty much attached to me nowadays - I really can't work in here unless I tune out everything else - granted it's a big office and all that but I think it has more to do with my current mindset - I never used to be so distractable - oh go ahead and laugh but honest I wasn't - at least not about ambient noise, etc.!)

Anyway he's like most of us language geeks and just assumes everyone is as buried in their target language as he is (and often I am, but...) He had this really excited look on his face like he just knew I was listening to some really fun new French music as he asked me, "Ooooh, cool!! What are you listening to?!"

I waited a second as I unheadphoned my ears, then answered, deadpan:


The whole office erupted in laughter, him and me included. It was partly truly funny but it's true, too, that apparently we all need to get lives.

Now you all know I'm well-ensconced in my language-geekdom but it's funny that now everyone is wondering whether I don't have some hidden ultra-cool side to my personality...

tee hee


This will make Andy happy. He's been trying to get me into Radiohead for ages and while I don't dislike them, there were only a few songs up to now that I really thought were very fun. But this live recording he sent me from NPR is tremendous.

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Adrienne a dit…

I'm glad you were able to get a hearty chuckle--despite all that red tape. You've posted so much in the past two days, I need to get caught up in my Susanblogdomg!