Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge frozen on my aching head, 3 months old

That huge knock you heard last night coming from my area of the globe was not a lost sound file in the ether from the American Revolution, nor was it Titans clashing or big horn sheep politics... It was my head colliding with the piano as I tried to extract Miss Lucy from under the boudoir chair for her monthly Frontline application.

Not that I needed much force but I decided to try to get her out sideways and somehow when I swung my body to get to the side of the chair, I lost my balance and I hit my head harder than I ever remember hitting it on anything. I even felt light-headed altho as you may have guessed that could have been simple fatigue. Holy cow it hurt so bad. Tears are coming to my eyes even now as I think back on it.

Today it's tender and there's a sizable lump at my scalp line but not the measliest bruise! After that much pain I thought I'd have pretty impressive visible proof but the frozen peas (that I bought in June for my ankle and decided to keep handy in the freezer) must have worked too well.

It's always such a quandary, which is more important in such cases... getting rid of the pain and avoiding a possible light concussion, or milking sympathy with a nice big bruise?! Of course as I get older it takes ages for bruises to go away so it's probably good there isn't one.

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Jessica a dit…

oh my - i hope your head is much better, poor thing!!!!