job security, Paris, and weekends

The good news is our acting section head of FR pulled me aside yesterday and made a point of letting me know that my job is absolutely safe - which was nice of him - of course he hasn't seen my evals yet (this dreadful semester I fear will result in my worst student evals ever - and I wouldn't blame them a bit) !

Anyway so I'll have money coming in still... just less and less of it ? Again, enter the retail option... which, how big a drag would that be? doing both at the same time? I mean the one perk of retail was that there wasn't any homework... Hmph. If I had enough self-discipline I could go back to freelance translating but my procrastinatory tendencies there far outreach any which any of you have ever seen me resort to in mere academia. Dean got a nice dose of it; I think he'd confirm: Susan not/working on a translation isn't pretty. Once again I'm at a place where all I really need is for someone to sit around the house threatening to shoot me so I can get work done.

Too bad Sammers can't be trained to do all of his winter crazies only when I'm not working. (I'll probably blog soon about his having entered what seems to be a 4th kittenhood - the rearranged pix on the wall the other day were just the tip of the iceberg.) That would be great inducement to stick to a task. {Sam voice} You better get back to work, Missy, if you don't want all that stuff knocked off the table again!

And yes, in the immortal words of Billy Crystal and Debra Winger, who by the way had no chemistry whatsoever in that movie but since it took place partly in the City of Light all us French linguist nerds paid to see it anyway, (cue romantic accordion music) "We'll always have Paris" (or something like that). That is as long as enough students' parents aren't too scared by the economy to pay the program fees. Luckily since our program is pretty much self-supporting, the prices won't go up due to university cuts - only if we have too few students for the self-supporting part to kick in.

As for the rest, part of me is focusing on the fact that Barack is coming! Now, I saw the press conference, I know it will take time. I know improvements cannot be overnight but imagine how depressing it would be to have just got a paycut and all we could see on the horizon was Washington Business As Usual?! (sorry Republican friends and family)

At least (cue accordion again) "We'll always have weekends." Until I find myself bolstering the bank account with that retail job that is...

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