Go Michelin

Another little financial surprise this week but for once it's in the form of influx rather than leakage... Marie-Thérèse emailed me that one of the engineers needs some intensive tutoring before a 6-week stint in Clermont. His departure is Jan. 10, making our window of opportunity pretty much perfect. We're already scheduled for 4 hours' work next week (CU finals week) and after that will probably increase the per-week quota a bit. Woo hoo! Even with the inordinate amount of taxation suffered by us independant contractor types, this will be a big help in offsetting the crazy furlough and the loss of my overage teaching for spring (the dept. canceled all of our teaching overage sections, opting to up class size instead).

And so we come to the most recent of my myriad occasional little gratitude prayers to Rip Henkels' soul, wherever it may be, for (a) being one of the greatest grad school profs anyone could ever have and (b) for recommending me to M-T those many years ago.

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Jessica a dit…

awesome! those 6 weeks are awesome!

Applecart T. a dit…

looks like hal heard about this "windfall" and just had to get his share!