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'Cause, after all, it's not all bad... particularly, most anything to do with my hiking group (i.e. NOT to do with school) is far from bad indeed. Having a more healthy perspective is relatively easy on a day when I had 10 hours' sleep as well as gymtime to feed my spirit, but here is what I will try to reflect upon next time I'm having one of my wee work crises...

Sunday we had our "Superb Owl Day Hike" to Tamassee/Lee Falls (seems really to be Tamassee Falls but some books say it's Lee). You can go to our hike link in the sidebar or just stay here and feast your eyes.


Pre-hike pic.

Starting off thru four meadows like this - a lot muddier than they look - you'd never know you were in for such different views and terrain a mere hour or two later.

Just starting to go up thru the trees...

We crossed Tamassee Creek about five times. It was slightly strategic between wiggly rocks, ice, mud, and potentially far leg reaches for us shorties.

An old rock smelter - very cool.

Going up a little steeper. The last half hour or so is rock scrambling, to varying degrees. Very fun.

Look up and to the back for the first peek at the falls.

Et voilà!

The facing cliff face was just as impressive - not its fault it has no water coming over. :)

No humans! kee

Tamassee Walrus - endangered come spring.

Just under the falls.

Really great hike and really great day. Rather a short hike for us but that gave people who were interested time to get to their Super Bowl parties, after their Superb Owl hike. (Bill named the hike but admitted later he saw the pun online somewhere. A few people didn't get it and wrote in to our group site. I of course figured it out immediately and found it pretty funny. Hint: there were not to be any owls on this hike.) It also was perfect for me since I was still getting over my cold. Perfect for a short outing - very good distance-to-fun ratio! Since we went in winter you could see the falls from farther away and all the snakes were sleeping. :)

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