Good Mail Day

Three great things in the mail yesterday:
  • postcard from Jessica
  • my new passport (with scary pic but I already knew that part and notwithstanding the fact that I quite detest the cheesy touristy colored passport pages with eagles and flags all over the place - yikes why does the US always have to make everything so in-your-face?! altho I admit I really like the desert/cactus page :)
  • Tully's new registration so we no longer have the temp license plate - yay!

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Applecart T. a dit…


i had to go and check … mine is still the "dull" version that was used in 2003 (Gear's year; my latest is from 2007; pages for stamping are blue on blue with some magenta writing) – these both have the "upgrade" to the GPS strip or whatever, but i have to say that i would feel really dorky with the new one as you have described it.

comparing my stamps in the old one from japan and circa-then, it seems that life was more fun before in that realm … new things (maybe i just need to get a "fun" visa and see the difference) are just boring stamps that don't even say where you went (mexico is not much, but it should show up as more than the dull re-admittance to US stamp)

they need more "DIY" stamping stations at the train stops all around the world … for people with stamp fetishes.

better put some cydrax on that (word v. medicine du jour)

Susan a dit…

too funny - you gave me another blogpost idea, t.