More guarded optimism

Well I just told Paula the other day that I had been told my job was safe... Today we got an email from the dept. for no one to hold their breath, basically. That certain lecturers already know they are not being renewed and for those of us who have already received tentative fall schedules, that is exactly what they are - perhaps more tentative than normal. We won't know for sure until April whether we are to be hired back for fall or not. I still think I'm perhaps in slightly better shape with all the stuff they have me doing than I would be otherwise but it is indeed a bit iffy for me as well. Furthermore, depending on what happens with further cuts they might force those who are still here to increase their courseload for the same money, so lecturers' NORMAL courseload could become what our overage courseloads were before: 5 classes per semester. Professors might have to go up to 4 classes per semester.

And so it goes. As long as I can keep paying on the car and buying catfood I guess I'm OK...

2 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

well, at least you got some good mail! hahaha. Sorry I have been so lax in my letter writing.

Scary about the job - but you do have an edge with all the non-class stuff you'll do.

Susan a dit…

thanks I hope so... I'm betting on it in fact, considering recent car purchase, which still has me reeling............ what the hell was I thinking?