all the best shows have a Data

Think about it.

Some are quite obvious...
Star Trek (original) --- Spock (and really, by rights, this entry should be that all the best shows have a Spock and TNG/Data should be listed down here)
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles --- Cameron
Dollhouse --- pretty much all the actives when they are waiting for a new mission
Firefly --- River (interestingly, same actress as Cameron)
Fringe --- Walter

Some are less obvious...
The Office --- Dwight, Kevin, Michael... well OK they are all kind of Datas
Bones --- Bones
Angel --- Fred
Buffy --- Cordelia and Anya
Magnum PI --- Higgins
Happy Days --- Marion and the Fonz

Some are nigh well buried...
30 Rock --- almost everyone
Battlestar --- you'd think it would be all the Cylons but really the humans are less in touch (and btw when do we get to see Apollo's rear end again? - it's not fun with him in a suit all the time... but I digress...)
Gunsmoke --- Festus
The Big Valley --- Jarrod ('cause, come on? who can be that righteous all the time?) or maybe Audra
The Sopranos --- Carmela (the shopping/denial robot) or possibly Bobby or senile Junior
Six Feet Under --- Ruth
Curb Your Enthusiasm --- come on you can't guess? perhaps the only show to actually be centered on the Data character
Homicide: Life on the Street --- Tim or Munch
Sex & the City --- Charlotte
The Wire --- Jay

Almost makes you want to be in grad school - seems like a way more fun paper than the ones I used to have to write.

Add your own in the comments if you think of any and I'll insert them. (In italics là-haut...)

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Anonyme a dit…

Maybe I'm taking the wrong interpretation of "Data" but I'd say you're off on the Sopranos, my guess: Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri

Susan a dit…

dang it you're right - I think he's tied with Carmela tho - maybe even Junior when he was senile...

Applecart T. a dit…

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