My new favorite thing. Thanks to Jefe. And a great description of my week. In the last few minutes of the 2020 test now. Of course I should have been working the whole time. Actually I did work for a solid 40 minutes! (Plus administering the oral comprehension part, so really 50 minutes.)

I have not stopped all week, I swear. Well at home in the evenings I haven't been working much but at school honestly there has not been a spare moment. OK well not a spare half-hour anyway.

Gobs to do still for Paris of course and meanwhile trying not to let any actual teaching stuff fall thru the cracks. On my best day this semester I'm still completely scatterbrained but have been pretty OK with following lesson plans and creating productive classes. On my worst, um... well there have been a few of those. Mostly just forgetting to take stuff up or grade stuff or accidentally telling them the wrong thing about an assignment and then later remembering that was how I did it last semester or at Aub*rn, not how I wanted to do it now... gah!

And so it goes.

  • Paris flights are purchased - Greenville > DC > Charles De Gaulle on 5/12 (arr 5/13 - ask me if that will be the best [if a bit stressful] birthday EVER!!!!!!). Return 6/28, CDG > Chicago > Greenville.
  • Students no longer need visas (US students going to study for less than 90 days that is) - this didn't make my life hugely easier except for not having to field visa app. questions now, but it is a huge weight off of my Paris students' backs.
  • Waiting about my apartment - cross your fingers. Now my three favorite ones have fallen thru the cracks due to the time change between Simon's (my apt. agency contact guy) workday and mine. Today I sent him a selection of 5 at once, numbered for preference. If one of those doesn't work out then... well let's just not think about that.
  • The Sorbonne lady has been super responsive lately, which was a big piece of stress a few weeks ago. We are all set with a placement test time, our pre-reg. paperwork, and just have to pay. Well Study Abroad has to pay from our account that is. :)
  • Ge
Later... might as well leave that there so you can feel all the more in the moment of my flurries! Nyernt nyernt.

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