Paris McFlurry continues

  • Struggling with the apt. people, but some other avenues opened up today (npi). Please cross your fingers.
  • Sammers jumped a mile high yesterday at some weird noise. I thought I was going to pee my pants it was so funny.
  • TC and his friend Tiger are both nursing various wounds and maladies. Wish I could catch them for vet visits, not that I have the extra money, but...
  • Crazy International Week this week for which I inexplicably volunteered to help with a gazillion events.
  • Which one of you fell asleep on the job of smacking me in the head when I make stress-increasing decisions? gah!
  • No backpacking trip last weekend after all but we really needed the rain.
  • I slept 16 hours Friday night and a full 8 Saturday night. Probably just as well, eh?
  • Trying to get comfortable with this feeling of always having various tasks falling along the wayside no matter how much I'm getting done. There comes a time when there is so much to do that there is no prioritizing to be had. Seriously. And as you work on the seemingly most urgent of the urgent, other nearly just as urgent things are sitting by glancing at you questioningly as to when you'll turn to them. It's better than when I was completely stymied and couldn't jump in anywhere but no matter how much I get done the tasks still waiting call out too loudly for much self-satisfaction to be had.
  • Thank goodness, then, that kind of a good confirmation of my job performance has come from another quarter. Barbara informed me that they are creating a lectureship that would be officially teaching 5 classes per semester but not at the same money like we had feared and not just for the piddly extra we normally get for overages which is taxed out the wahzoo and therefore is barely worth the exertion: the fifth class would get a full fifth more money (well you know what I mean, it would be worth as much as each of the original four classes' money). And they've chosen me to do it if I'm interested. And how. I did 5 last fall anyway and next spring (I am confident) Paris will be much easier since I'll know what to expect and have the big picture -at last- in my head. So yay.
  • Of course in the same meeting she told me she had received complaints from three students trying to find me on SNOW DAY and were put out that I was not to be found during my office hours. Wtf? I guess I missed the part of the university announcement where it said, "All university classes canceled and offices closed, except for Susan's."

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JD a dit…

Hey! Why aren't you in your office on snow day!! Didn't you get the memo? You must be available at all times day or night, regardless of the official status of the school!

;) kidding!