Bad moods, Weird dreams, Rear ends, & Love

Yes, bad mood again - probably to continue til I finish grading the tons of things before me, two classes' worth of which needs done by a week ago yesterday tomorrow, the other two classes' worth by a week ago today Thursday, in addition of course to ongoing and increasingly panic-inducing Paris tasks. Factor in being disgruntled with one particular section and general fatigue and Susandoldrums...

The fatigue is partly to blame for my falling asleep grading last night while watching "Law & Order: CI" on Netflix. I started dreaming during an episode about a guy who was obsessed with offering his organs up for transplant and then killing the recipients if they didn't subsequently conduct their lives to his satisfaction.

My dream, thankfully, took a slightly less tragic turn...

I was working at Wal-Mart (?! um, yeah, read on, it gets worse...) and a 17-year-old co-worker developed a crush on me and somehow got the idea that if he had a rear end transplant it would earn my love forever. I was oblivious to the entire saga until his parents contacted me to ask me to help them talk him out of it.

I woke up after that so I'm not sure if we were successful. Neither am I sure why he thought a transplant was necessary rather than standard implants. No recollection either of who the rear end donor was to be or whether that person (newly sans rear end) would then murder the kid if he didn't live life to its fullest. Or maybe the kid would have ended up murdering me since his love would have remained unrequited of course. I mean, really, I can't see dating someone who had come by their rear end in such an unorthodox way, can you?

Or maybe I just have no sense of romance.

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Jeff Donaldson a dit…

I'm now laughing my ass off so that I can donate it to a 17 year old.
Good luck with the late-hour work. Right there with you.