Don't stop believin'...

Who knew I was going to go to Paris with a bunch of Journey fans?! There are numerous fun concerts while we're there, it turns out, and most of the students are planning on going to two or more, but one person saw during our orientation meeting last week that Journey would be among them.

I had time for about half of a wistful thought, partly wondering if it would be lame to do such an un-French thing while over there and partly wondering who in their right mind would want to go see my favorite high school band with me, when three or four students all started clamoring for ticket info and, upon seeing my own eyes already lit up, someone decided to make it a quasi-official group outing (well we won't be using program fees for it but still...) avec le prof!

So in case deplaning in Paris and living there for the next 6 weeks weren't enough of a way to make this year's birthday season special, I'll call the concert an additional belated offering. I'm just sorry Steve Perry won't be there.

We conducted the rest of our meeting with internet recordings of "Faithfully" and "Any Way You Want It" playing in the background, and occasionally re-teased one member for having thought Journey responsible for that age-old classic: "Eye of the Tiger." Nyernt nyernt.

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