the good, the bad, and *sigh*

The bad news
A student pulled out of the program.

The good news
Another student is applying last minute.

The bad news
My favorite umbrella broke this morning, the one with the international newspaper titles and headlines all over it.

The good news
It wasn't really raining anyway

The bad news
Thanks to an interesting series of crap events last week every atom of my teaching confidence and contentment has been thrown and I'm dreading going to any classes today and tomorrow. Also, perfect timing for evals to be ready for students to fill out online.

The good news
Today is the last actual lesson day, then oral presentations and review day. After that hopefully I can redeem my reputation with the Paris students and my students Summer 2 and beyond...

I could always go back to retail.

Guarded optimism
I don't feel quite that bad yet.

5 commentaires:

Jeff Donaldson a dit…

Call me a cynic, but I don't think students like a good challenge anymore. Whippersnappers. Back in my day... Wait, it is still my day. When will this day end‽‽‽ Anyway, I think you're a good prof. Keep the faith! Forget all the other crepe.

Susan a dit…

Thanks so much for that - honestly I almost emailed you for a pull-Susan-out-of-her-funk-and-give-her-an-objective-opinion-about-her-teaching beer b/c at first I thought the ickiest eval's were from your section but I had the section numbers mixed up. As for the day, no, it will never end!... Doubly good then about the existence of aforementioned beverage.

Jessica a dit…

Ahh well, Students. Can't do much about them.

I feel bad about the umbrelly though!! Get out your debonspo and fix it. (debonspo is my word verification but it sounds like a glue product to me!)

Applecart T. a dit…

OK, guess what, they have great umbrellas in Paris (which, I undermine, are probably the same China-made ones we have here …)

You weren't going to take that one anyway, right?

PS, if you need an extra student, I can totally fill in. just waive the admissions requirements, and it's on!

PPS, really, thinking of last-minute (dunno when IRS is over) trip to crash at your place and go to the Pompidou and Louvre (closed last time I was there due to le / la greve / strikes).

Susan a dit…

I'd totally waive all requirements for you Trancy-chan!! and omg you mean they have fun brellies in Paris??!??!??! :)

Thanks everybody - you rock!!!