Sometimes life is a load of crêpe.

Crêpe morning. You guessed it: student crêpe. I'll post on the teaching blog soon and you can read all about that crêpe. I had it here but thought better of it. There isn't supposed to be so much whiney crêpe on this blog! In a nutshell, you can work harder than crêpe and people will still find crêpe to complain about.

3 commentaires:

JD a dit…

You're too funny S!! Is that your little Lucy? I'm thinking not. It's a cool photo though!

Applecart T. a dit…

To be literal: I LOVED crepe day at high school french class. OMG, I'm so hungry. You can't get them anywhere hardly (around here). No time for cooking!

Susan a dit…

I wish I could send you some!! I'm making a bunch more in a couple weeks for a dept. shindig. :)