des meubles! (furniture!)

Well! My after-the-fact per diem for Paris was considerably larger than I expected (the fact that there was one at all was a surprise, actually, but well - at least this time something I hadn't grasped during the spring worked to my advantage instead of resulting in extra work or stress for once) so most of it is going to bills but a bit of it went towards a huge antique deal Saturday.

I got a slightly decrepit but full-of-character oak table & chairs

and an oak chiffonnier with bad finish and a few chips.

The flash did an interesting spirograph effect on the mirror, no?

At first glance both look fine but they will need refinishing in a few years (well they need it now but this is a project that will require garage space). I love them of course, regardless. The chiffonnier is quite similar to one Grandma Booth had, and I've had my eye out for a table for a while altho I was going to hold off a few more years til I had a bigger kitchen or a dining room. But the nice couple at The Lamb Antiques are fixing to sell their property and move to a smaller space so they were in the mood to offer me a deal I could not refuse to induce me to take both. Tully has been holding my little Target kitchenette set in his rump (I thought that would be funny to say but really it sounds kind of gross, which is, in turn, funny...) since Saturday eve; we'll deliver it to Helping Hands today.

Certain members of the household who were a bit taken aback by having big dark different-smelling things moving into the house and the accompanying bustle of Murphy's Oil Soap-washing of same, are now re-acclimated and have their minds back on important issues like how anytime I happen to be in or near the kitchen it must be time to eat... Or at least worth a try.

Can't you see we're wasting away?!?!

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Applecart T. a dit…

your cats ARE skinny!

on antiques roadshow (PBS), they always say that "dirty" is better for old furniture. we have stuff that makes me grouchy for its broken parts, missing handles, etc. your chairs and table are nice. i hope you find fun handles for the thing that i never had nor knew had a specific name : )

Jessica a dit…

Susan! I love them! What does the chiffonier's (and I'm searching for words here to describe what I want to ask) upper right hand cabinet look like when it is open?

JD a dit…

cool stuff S! Kitties are so cute!

Susan a dit…

merci you guys - there are actually handles on the chiffonnier - they're just really tarnished. I have since polished one of them - looks a lot better but I'll do them little by little probably... inside upper right of it is just a big open compartment - I think toiletries, etc., used to be kept in such spaces, or small pitcher and washbasin possibly.

Susan a dit…

too funny - I hadn't seen the cat skinniness thing first time. they do look svelte but vet says they're perfect and when I see old pix of them now I'm mortified at how fat they were - vet says it's good we nipped it in the bud when they were young - they will be much healthier in the long run - you have to squeeze to find their ribs, honest. and both are still working on reducing their milkshakes - esp. Lucy :)

Susan a dit…

now I just have to try to get as diligent about my OWN health/eating habits!