Not for kids

I just noticed that the town water tower has "Boner forever!" painted all the way around it.

I bet some people are pretty upset about that but I of course laughed. This might be a good test of one's real age - at what age will I become outraged by profanity painted on something public? Maybe if I had built the water tower or if I worked for the town or if the water tower were connected more directly to me personally...

Obviously if someone painted that on my car or house I would not be happy, but I can't think of any other context... OK maybe my webpage or here on HOV or something like that, or if someone hacked an automatic signature into my email account that read "Boner forever!" that would be pretty bad and I would be duly outraged... So I guess when you take it all into perspective I'm mature enough after all.

BTW please refrain from doing any of the aforementioned things.

The other side of why this is funny tho I think is the language used. Not your run of the mill cursing... obviously if they had put the F word all over or drawn genitalia that would be pretty awful and I would have rolled my eyes and maybe even emitted a "Gross!" instead of laughing. But part of what made me laugh was the mere glee, the celebratory nature if you will, of this exclamation. Also it kind of makes you think of middle school or high school boys, whose randy-ness and gross sex or penis jokes disgusted me when I was 12 but which I surprise myself now by looking back on and just chuckling about - perhaps thanks to now knowing that they really couldn't help it, testosterone does craaaaaaazy things and it isn't I guess until you reach some kind of maturity that you start to see any of those things as natural, tho perhaps no less exasperating or just plain icky.

So boys are indeed gross, but sometimes they make you laugh despite yourself. And if someone painting "Boner forever!" on the water tower can distract me for a second from feeling overwhelmed by my current workload then more power to them. Maturity be damned.

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Adrienne a dit…

I found myself laughing reading the "boner" comment. You know, though, we had a yummy, spicy fried catfish appetizer that was called "Hot Kitty" and I laughed when I ordered it. The waiter said, "Everyone laughs." So maybe we are all stunted 12 year olds.

Susan a dit…

Great, now I'm craving Cock of the Walk. Thanks a lot! :)

Jessica a dit…

My co-worker took a picture of some (clearly foreign) soup he saw in the super market that has a big rooster on the packaging and (no lie) says cock-flavored soup. I laughed for a real long time. If I had seen it in the store, I would have bought some.

Susan a dit…

yikes - English gone bad :)

Applecart T. a dit…

as someone who has her share of 'testosterone,' whee for silliness. all women of a certain age can appreciate that. unless they are conservative in a silly way. she makes it up as she goes along.


that's a word verification that i predict will show up in some novelist's list of "possible names for a fictional anti-depressant," a bit like actual lyrica.

wouldn't lurika be fun-ner?

Susan a dit…

would lurika be for people who need more luridness in their lives?