Where does the time go?

Reasons I haven't posted (being the quintessential self-indulgent blogpost)...
  • spending most of my time on the couch vegging with Hulu or Netflix instant watching
  • spending the rest of my time grading and fighting with Paris expense stuff
  • hot
  • spending a day's worth of time going to Charlotte to IKEA
  • spending a little time putting new IKEA dressers together
  • laptop that went to Paris is sick and refuses to go online at all, which dissolves the possibility of watching Hulu or Netflix instant watch on one pooter WHILE blogging/emailing on the other, as is my wont :(
  • spending a fair amount of time trying to figure out what is wrong with the sick laptop
  • doing lesson plans, grading leftover Paris stuff, writing tests (why do I always do new ones instead of just using the old stuff - especially at times like this when it would really be quite justifiable to save myself some effort?! gah! too late now - I not only revised my syllabi, I did it so that there is a different number of tests so at the very least I have to re-edit them to use any of the old exercises) - gah! as usual my perfectionist/overachiever side always tackles stuff first, just long enough and far enough to leave a big mess for the lazy/procrastinator side (and yet probably the more healthy of my psyches) to have to take care of
  • spending a truly scary amount of time cleaning random things that turn up mysteriously completely icky, cruddy or otherwise soiled so much that task/interest at hand must be dropped right then to go clean
  • spending a lot of time trying to figure out what outfits I can still fit into since I haven't been spending any time yet exercising to get rid of my Paris gut
  • spending a little time mystified by the fact that I actually LOST 3 pounds in Paris and my butt is slightly smaller and more rounded (yay 4th floor apartment with no lift as well as running around Lutèce doing errands like a poule with my tête cut off) yet my stomach gained considerable surface area and I have to leave certain waistbands unsnapped in order to wear them (even on garments whose seat is now quite loose!) - honestly this is quite befuddling!
  • spending huge amounts of time petting and hugging (to their displeasure but what of that?!) and playing with Sam & Lucy, who seem to me to be about 4 million times more beautiful and fun than they were before I left - I guess it speaks to how incredibly busy I was in Paris that I wasn't pining away for them - here in SC I couldn't stand their not being around, honestly
  • spending a lot of time making and eating popcorn
  • spending a lot of time being really distracted and having to do things over or check things to see if I did them yet or staring into space to figure out what to do next or having to scramble to get stuff done due to too much staring into space
  • yesterday spending a lot of time scouring the popcorn pot since I got distracted and went outside to shake rugs while an entire batch of popcorn popped and subsequently burned to a crisp
Guess that covers it. As soon as I am all pooter-ready again I have loads of pix on the sick computer (which I'm too lazy to copy onto a usb to upload from the other computer of course - or, on days where I'm not lazy, too distracted) that I can put here and on FB, so you've got that to look forward to. :)

Coming clean, le 15.vii.09: yes I changed "3rd" to "4th" above, after the fact - I forgot I was thinking in French, where 3rd floor really means 3rd story not counting the ground floor :)

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

really, more dirt hidden all this time? : (

computers are not good travelers. not a bit. it's the secret of the "we're so connected" society (scam)

bellies vs. bottoms: i will make spurious accusational guesses about wine and cheese/creme and walking. walking makes good gluets; food that tastes good makes for women-fat-zone additions.

continue to walk and eat usa food … ?

Susan a dit…

you must be right re the women-fat-zone thing... I think I'm finally fed up enough with the wardrobe issue today to make good on my gym plans... re dirt, um yes - every day another little surprise... yesterday I pulled out my stack of frying pans, crêpe pan and wok to find that 4 of the 7 had food crusted on them - all but one are nonstick so obviously it wasn't hard to get them clean (except for the one non-nonstick one) but that makes it all the more crazy that they would have been such a challenge for the previous user to get all the way clean... hmmmmmmm.