wish it were 10 hours from now

What I got done last night:
  • cleaned out gmail (from 213 down to 12)
  • cleaned up the kitchen
  • organized Paris gdocs files and school email files with info and ideas for 2010
  • sorted thru France gifts for people
  • ran virus software thing on the slightly newer laptop
  • figured out the slightly newer laptop is just plain sick and virus thing didn't help at all
  • listened to "Un Dimanche à la campagne" about 5 times
  • dug out all my Paris receipts
  • changed the cat litter
  • two letters
  • sat on the floor petting Sam & Lucy for about an hour
  • journaling
  • figured out what to wear today (this took a really long time since I'm feeling fat - even tho numbers-wise I weigh 3 lbs less than before France, but all the walking over there made my legs and butt get smaller but let my gut get much bigger)

What I didn't get done:
  • 202 test written for today
  • Paris budget report done for today
  • sleep

I actually had acquired a pretty dependable work ethic by the time I left Aub*rn. No idea where it went. If it doesn't come back I'm either going to waste away, have a coronary, or need to switch to a non-homework job (she said, for the millionth time).

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Applecart T. a dit…

I can't remember when I had a dependable work ethic. Things had are retrievable. More so than sentence fragments and *hopes* for nose-to-grindstoneness.