OK we admit it, it's hot

Well at least Sam does, Lucy seems still to be soaking it in - weird since as the darker furred one you'd think she'd get hot earlier... ah well. Today I resisted the AC all day b/c usually within 20 minutes of turning it on they are both curled up in winter poses. This is from last night:

BTW I was watching "King Corn" behind them on the laptop via Netflix instant watch. Several health and food documentaries lately have helped jumpstart my fitness/diet resolve. That one was particularly good if you have yet to see it.

Incidentally I only just noticed the last couple days that it was a little hot - last week people were griping about it all week and I couldn't understand why. Then it dawned on me that this is the first year since 2001 that I've had AC in my car. Crazy to think all those years were spent in Alabama and then last summer here. I can't believe I didn't melt away, seriously. And I really don't use the AC that much in Tully but it's nice being able to have it on just a little - a little goes a loooooooooooooooooooong way, especially in regards to the humidity.

In the house I'd be happy with an attic fan like we had in AL actually. We have enough shade trees by most of the windows that it often is cooler outside than inside. If we had our attic fan from Ross Sq. we would be fine a lot of the time. As it is I stand it until about 4pm (if I'm home), then turn on the AC until about 10pm, then turn it off and open the windows back up. It's a whole big thang.

Right now we are feeling lusciously cool - big rainstorm outside. Of course the first part was super thundery so the kits made for under the bed. Sam came out first altho there is still the odd distant thunder clap. As soon as Lucy braves it, we'll all be able to enjoy the breezes... She just came in as I finished that. Crazy brave girl!

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