If Goofus and Gallant were academics and had offices in our building, kind of...

Our language lecturers are in three big offices in our building. One is on the 2nd floor. We ignore them. Two are on our floor, ours is one, and the other is two doors down.

Here's our door.

Here's theirs.

Well! If you're going to stand on ceremony!... We in our office think this is a riot. We're happy that we're in the friendly office. I ask you, as a student where would YOU want to go to get help or discuss grades?!

3 commentaires:

Chris Edwards a dit…

As a former denizen of 316...I cannot give an objective opinion :) But one is far more enticing than the other!

Jessica a dit…

Hahaha. I love your office!

Susan a dit…

lol very diplomatic Christophe!
Jess - yep we are a funloving group! nyernt nyernt.