best mold ever

I should preface this by saying that I am NOT one of those people who habitually leaves stuff in their fridge to go bad. Honest. But this yogurt container was hiding from me, and the few times I glimpsed it I thought it was some I had just bought a few days earlier. The days where the little voice inside my head expressed any doubts I didn't have time to check.

When I finally picked it up it was quite light and I knew the ugly truth. I can't believe I didn't just toss the whole thing instead of cleaning it out for the recycle bin but I almost felt like I should just deal with whatever was inside as penance for having forgotten it. Mostly I was figuring that my olfactory nerve would take the brunt of it.

But instead of a smelly reprimand I got an almost odorless view of something really quite beautiful.
Besides the fun colors and shapes it was covered with little fuzz; it's kind of like what would happen if mold and pussy willows had sex and then H.R. Giger (or Escher come to think of it) made a sculpture out of it. . . (well I did say "kind of")

You can't even call this mold. You'd have to use the French "mousse" it's so pretty. ("Mousse" means other things, too, for those of you who have had the chocolate variety and were feeling worried...)

Would that all my neglectings were rewarded so.

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