And then her day (dare I say "life"?!) did a 180...

How quickly and how deceptively simply one's social context can be enriched by about 200%.

Marty and Steve are two of my best friends here whom I met towards the end of last semester. Every time we get together we find more and more to talk about and enjoy the time more. Tonight that still budding but oh so promising friendship gave me even more gifts as they connected me to 4 more people who I have more in common with in 2 hours of chitchat than I have had with most of the other people I've met or worked with (except 1 :) in 1.5 years here.

And a truly dreadful 8 days ends with my feeling more optimistic about life here than I have in months.

Thank you, Universe.

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Applecart T. a dit…

people are good.
good people are better.
compatible good people are best.

Jessica a dit…

Yay! I def. need to get out more here and meet more people. I'm going to have to stalk people with kids who seem cool or something. I am starting to talk all the time about baby crap and I don't want to bore/annoy my non-kid friends to tears.

Did you get a lot of snow?

Susan a dit…

yes, yes, and yes, t... even if they're halfway across the country in KS ♥

Susan a dit…

OK Jess for some reason your comment never was alerted to me in my email like they're supposed to be and like everyone else's have so far (to the best of my knowledge :) - sorry I missed it - you'll meet plenty of kid people - isn't that the best thing for meeting people other than pets or something?