The third "S" can be either "semester" or "school" - take your pick. Bref, not the greatest of days. Good thing I'm heading to Nick's to see Steve and Marty, who have nothing to do with our department and therefore will force me to think of other things.

This, too, shall pass.

Yeah, it all passes but then it all always seems to come BACK.


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Bill a dit…

Hope tomorrow goes better Susan.

Susan a dit…

thanks so much Bill - actually the entire day turned around entirely already! sometimes the universe gives you what you want :)

Applecart T. a dit…

i forgot why you're moderating comments. did something bad happen? (don't have to post this, can answer in email if wish to answer : )

Susan a dit…

crazy Japanese porn site spam - I started to take moderation away last week and then got another one - now at least I can just delete them - I don't understand how it gets around the word recognition thing.

Bill a dit…

Applecart, this is what Susan is claiming however I have some other theories.
1. The cats are in cahoots. They've been taking lessons in hacking while Susan is away at school.
2. Susan's sleep walking AND dreaming has taken a bizzare twist.

Susan a dit…

lolololol Bill that would actually be just like Sammers to do that! as for sleepwalking that might even be the more realistic theory - I have had several sleepwalk-worthy dreams lately but have yet to see any fallout around the house (knock wood) :)