Mes bagnoles préférées de l'été dernier

I.e., my favorite French wheels from last summer.

'Cause I completely forgot to post them for you after Paris last summer. And 'cause I'd rather be in France driving one of them than grading compos... Well yeah, I'd rather be in France being run over by one of them than grading compos for that matter.

You saw this one already on the blog and by now you might have seen one or two here in the US, altho the 4-door model over here is a bit bigger I think.

A wacky car you've probably seen here altho likely not as many as you'd see there. There are now actually 2 smart cars in the Clems*n area that I see regularly. Crazy!

And you might not have seen Citroën's version. Lots of car companies have smart cars there - Toyota has a really cute one, too, called the IQ. I like that some of them are curvier - seems like the ones I see here are very angular.

A wacky car most of you probably haven't seen over here (barring those of you in big cities that is).

I surprised myself by liking it. This one was in Bruges, by the way.

Then you have cars which exist here but seem to have shape-shifted in France. Honda Civic anyone? If they looked like this here I might have stuck with Honda.

The French do have their cheesy (npi) side but this still surprises me.

My favorite car in France last summer. Well, really my favorite was one like this but pale metallic green that I saw in Paris on a regular basis passing by Café Notre Dame, but I never got a shot of it.

This one was in Tours. So put green paint on it in your head and that is the car Sam and Lucy and I will be driving when we move to Touraine. (I specify Touraine b/c if we were in Paris we wouldn't bother with buying a car of course.)

Or we could just take Tully! This is really how he would look in France (as opposed to the photo last summer of the 5-door version). I finally saw a two-door one that was the same model as mine that same day in Tours. (Most of the Yaris examples in Paris [snort - Paris Yaris - kee] were the 4-door hatchback; never ever saw the Yaris sedan we have in the US.)

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Bill a dit…

Great photos Susan. Personally, I am waiting for Obama to open up relations with Cuba so I can go down and drive some of those great Ford/Chrysler/Chevy relics (ya know the 20ft gas guzzlers with tail fins) left by the Imperialist Yanquis!
Having said that, I was VW Beetle owner for 17 years [1972-1989]... you wouldn't believe what went on in that car (and NO!, I'm not telling).

Susan a dit…

If that bug could talk! :) yeah when you go to Cuba for your wheels get me a nice Michael Corleone-style somethin'-somethin' Bill!

Bill a dit…

If that Bug could talk I'd be dead! Ya can't have witnesses left around for stuff like that ... I mean we're all grown up now, ya know.
One of the few times I have been really scared was riding around Bari (Italy) in 1979 in a Citroën like car (can't remember excatly what it was). About 6 of us in that car and a driver who was absolutely out of his mind (but I think we all were back then)!

Susan a dit…

man! sounds like SOMEone needs to write their autobiography! I need a good read.

Bill a dit…

Ha! There were a few good years but not enough for a book. And my memory is really getting bad because it was 1978, not 79. Getting old is a drag!
So I really thought the French would be inmune to that silly 'Bebe a bord' sticker. I mean do you really think I'm not going to smash into your car because you have that stupid sticker?? What is it's purpose??
To me it just says .. "Please key me. Please".

Applecart T. a dit…

when touraine?

Susan a dit…

too funny - I'm with you on that, and yeah, it surprised the heck out of me - very untypical of the French... you're right about getting old - the trick is to fool it! plus you're not any older than I am are you? you don't look it - you must have had more chemical fun than I did - maybe that is why your memory is going!

Susan a dit…

t - before tonight I would have said "asap!" but now I actually might have FRIENDS here (well I had one friend as of last semester thank heavens but now I might have plurals!)... which could mess up plans to defect to France... in a good way.