Upstate views from last weekend's hikes since I don't want to do the next thing on my school To Do list

Surprisingly productive today all the same :) but of course never as productive as envisioned at the start of each day, alas.

Much more fun to look at hiking pics...

We started out at Devil's Fork State Park, on the Bear Cove Trail...

A briny arm of Lake Jocassee starting to peek through the trees...

The gang, post-lunch, at the water's edge. Last year there would have been about 20 yards of sandy beach behind us before you got to the water due to the drought. They say we're completely caught up on rainfall again now (knock wood).

Rocky, Beagle/Boxer hike mascot. It was his first hike - he did great!

On to the new official trail for Twin Falls in the Eastatoee Gap.

Some extra-strange fungi I had never seen before.

The new trail for Twin Falls comes out at the top and it's pretty hard to get a good pic of the falls themselves through the trees on approach.

This is at the top before the stream splits to cascade over the 75 feet it takes to get to the bottom. Fun icicles!

At the top. We just beat the rain. It started misting our last 1/4 mile or so on the way out, then showers as we were rearranging cars and saying goodbye at the carpool spot.

2 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

I like the icicles! And the rock outcrop in one of the earlier pictures! Looks like it was fun. I miss going for hikes... we've had such crappy weather this winter, I barely have a chance to walk around the block... I'm jealous!

Susan a dit…

it was a great day - quite warm, icicles notwithstanding.