...of flavored brie
...of brie that seems unrealistically cheap
...of almost anything that seems positive when you've stopped at Ingles for -once again- the LAST TIME because you -once again- forgot something at BiLo and thought, "Come on, I just need this one thing. What could go wrong THIS time at Ingles?!"
...of needing to post anything fun that is audio instead of video

Yes, the $2.99 bigass wedge of brie from Ingles yesterday was actually Brie-with-Herbs! Of course the sneaky and yet usually inept Ingles people had covered the Herbs! part with the big orange sale sticker that said, "$2.99!"

I opened it, cut it in half to fit it into one of my favorite antique glass refrigerator boxes and noticed it looked like someone had injected it, not with herbs exactly, but standard grass cuttings from pretty much anyone's lawn.

Double take at the wrapper.

DAMMIT! Stupid flavored cheese. Those who know me best will not be surprised that brie with added crap in it does not please me - occasionally I will eat a bite of Boursin or flavored Vache Qui Rit, but for the standard French cheeses, I'm a traditionalist.

Still I thought I should try to keep an open mind and taste the herby brie.

Um, yeah. I described it to Kelly (who loves it) when she came over later and she thought it (i.e. my opinion that is) was worthy of saving for posterity. (The brie is still safe, too, actually - in my fridge for K to ingest at her leisure the next couple times we have wine whines.)

Susan's views on herby brie from Ingles. It will take an extra click or two and then you have to tell it how what program you'd like to open it with... so actually now that I think of it it's really not worth it. Depends on how bored you are today I guess. All this because Web2.0 is actually a myth, at least when you want to post audio easily. I finagled a way to post it to my weird old empty Wordpress blog... the one that will eventually be for quotations and stuff... so actually that's the perfect place for bits o' wisdom like this I guess.

Actually in the grand scheme of things, herby brie makes MORE sense than the fact that you can't host fun audio anywhere. If I knew anything about how to do so I'd create a place for it and get rich.

And buy all the non-herby brie I wanted. :)

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