some thoughts on salt

  • is something I rarely use while cooking or put on already-cooked food but
  • is essential in huge quantities if I'm eating popcorn, corn on the cob, or almost anything that is chiefly made of potatoes
  • really does work on wine stains - at least as long as the wine is still wet. Ask Sammers, who spilled a nearly full glass of red wine last year that I wasn't watching closely enough. I used an entire box of Morton's on it... sprinkling it on pretty thick, working it into the carpet with kitchen towels and my feet, vacuuming... repeated about 5 times but it was worth it - absolutely no stain.
  • really is put out in big blocks for cattle and other large livestock altho it's usually mixed with vitamins and minerals, but it still tastes like regular salt. You can take my word for it since I used to lick the salt blocks on the farm when I was little (OK I didn't actually lick the blocks; I'd like my finger, rub it on the block, lick again...)
  • really is put on roads up north altho more and more places are using eco-friendly substances which I'm sure is a relief not only to the environment but to all the car owners who never bothered to undercoat... but maybe the undercoating people are sad?
  • does really cool things to ink when you're marbling paper - makes fun designs because the ink tries to avoid the salt when you sprinkle it into your marbling bath
  • or you can sprinkle it onto cards and paper after you've applied ink or paint to make fun star designs (again the color medium trying to get away from the salt) and yet it
  • helps dye set when you're dying fabric

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Applecart T. a dit…

i think it can get oil stains out of silk, too.

salt is the best.

wars have been fought over it.