Part 1. Modesty Be Damned; Part 2. Susan the Perfectionist, some will say; the Most Qualified Critic, I say :)

I posted this on FB also but here I'll go ahead and say that I'm quite proud of my still being able to hit a high G this many years after high school and with so many intermittent long periods of No Real Singing.

Couple of rough spots but it's an incredibly difficult piece - overall we sound pretty good and I'm very proud of all my notes except that last high D :( . It makes no sense to me that it would sound so awful when my high E sounds fantastic :) and high G sounds Quite Respectable if a little reedy. Anyway, mine's the voice on top as you listen - hopefully it is blending most of the time and can only really be heard individually on my long high holds, where it is not supposed to blend as much.

The biggest difference between singing in HS and college and now is that I'm HUGELY nervous now and never was before. The nervousness tightens my throat which is why this piece went crappy on my end, I felt. I just never got opened up all the way to get on top of the notes that would have been the most fun :(  Still I love the piece and I had mentioned it to a bunch of you. So here.

Sherri and I want to do it again sometime - maybe by then my throat butterflies will have dissipated. I'll post if it turns out better :)

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Bill a dit…

Beautiful Susan, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this :-)

Susan a dit…

thanks Bill, you're too kind, plus I know you're an expert so double thanks :) still I'll be keen to post a better version of the second one one day. It sounded amazing at rehearsal of course (eyeroll).

Anonyme a dit…

OMG - you are truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. I knew you were multi talented my friend but I did not know about your truly lovely voice!

Oh a dit…

Wow! I listened, wondered which person was you, re-read the blog and realized you were the high notes and hats off to you! Sounded lovely!
I hope you're singing all the time!
What a lovely piece you all performed, too.

Merry Christmas Season and Happy New Year!

Susan a dit…

you guys are way too nice - honest, this isn't an aw-shucks moment at all. but thanks anyway for your nice feedback - makes me more intent than ever to get the Hosanna up to snuff so I can post it sometime and have it sound good (to me).