Life with Sam & Lucy

Funny how I thought that after the Terrible Two's I would be finished altering my environment and Sam-proofing various things.
  • In the beginning I had to stop having anything fun sitting on any level surface that was reachable by felines. 
  • Then I had to stop having any plants in the house (dirt is so fun to dig) even if I put big pebbles on top of the dirt as a deterrent (pebbles make fun hockey pucks to shoot back and forth over hardwood floors at 3am - Lucy the opportunist would generally join in once the pebble was appropriated from the planter). 
  • Then I had to stop putting the TP on the roller, instead keeping it on a little shelf far above the roller - this really was due to both of them. (Moving to SC I found it quite novel to try the roller in the new bathroom - yay! it doesn't seem as interesting to them as the Aub*rn one I guess). 
  • Then I had to figure out how to anchor down pictures hanging on the wall so that Sam couldn't reach under them (he thinks they are windows to other worlds and reaches behind in an attempt to go thru them) and knock them off the wall.
  • ...the list goes on...

But now, among other fun new habits that are not quite so easy to curb, we have our latest Sam-proofing protocol...

I'm still stymied by the new wake-up-Susan-by-pulling-her-hair routine and I've pretty much given up on keeping anyone off the top of the piano.

Lucy's worst transgressions continue to be
  • having tortie fits where she bites (lightly) or smacks (amazingly hard but no claws) either my hand or Sam's head (obviously she thinks we are her kittens and she's disciplining us but we never know what for),
  • trying to climb the tall blue bookcase a couple of times a week to get the feather-stick toy she thinks still lives up there even tho it has been over a year since we kept it there, 
  • being invisible at nighttime, 
  • and occasionally freaking all of us out by walking around the house in the wee hours of the morning yowling at the top of her lungs like the ruttin'-est of tomcats... (even Sammers appears to find that thoroughly wack)
  • Oh and perhaps being a little too obsessive about sitting on paper or in boxes at times.

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Applecart T. a dit…

none of my cats were ever so troublesome. well, one tore the heck out of a doorway jamb with his claws, and for some reason, we built an 8 x 6 x 8 pen with shelves and a window-shelf in the basement to keep him in while we were gone; he kittened himself 12 feet up an oak tree and understandably tried to eat my parakeet (that i showed to him, duh), but that was all. he was a bit wild, but he followed us around the neighborhood like a dog (mostly a range of a square block).

other of our cats also were often outdoors; nowadays, i wouldn't think of it — i'm like contemporary moms who can't allow their children out of their sight. bad for kitty and birds. besides, that first cat did poop on the neighbor's lawn; the cat two doors down here does … also in my lily bed. it's bacteria-annoying.

anyway, our recent cats have only physically offended by having to have a litter box, which is always messy no matter what one does, and, of course, when milo bit the heck out of my hands (neighbors' cat and milo's psychotic territorialism to blame).

your cats are hilariously active. it's hard for me to love something that wakes me up, though. birds tend to, but not every day.

Susan a dit…

the waking up used to be gentler - pushing on my face with a paw, etc. - he has become quite the tyrant about it here - especially the last few months for some reason - and of course since daylight savings time, he starts an hour earler than during the warmer months - gah! I really need to film Lucy trying to get up the shelf unit one day tho. That is too funny about the cat (was that Katrina or Milo? or another?) that followed you around the block - there's one that follows a girl up the street and her dog every time she comes to check her mail - and the cat isn't hers it's her neighbor's! just comes with them every day to the mailbox (which is right by my driveway for the whole development so I used to get to see it regularly :)

Bill a dit…

Would love to see a video of Lucy trying to get up the shelf unit - that would be funny. You have so much patience Susan.

Susan a dit…

I almost got her video'd last night doing it - hopefully soon - she's been particularly doing it lately for some reason... as for patience, honestly it's just kind of like contending with anything a family member might do - at the beginning tho I admit there were some exasperating days (like when Sammers somehow reached a little bin of pushpins that I had on the top -supposedly catproof- shelf on my desk and pulled them so they all fell all over the floor at 3am one time in Auburn or when he reached behind this one BIG framed château print and somehow lifted it off of it's hook so it crashed to the floor and all the glass broke - my mom had had it professionally matted and framed for me - thank goodness for Michael's and their little do-it-yourself framing workshop! and honestly sometimes I think maybe it's me? I mean maybe somehow I've socialized them to be really active and crazy like that? cause it really does seem like they get up to more stuff than a lot of people's cats!

Susan a dit…

yikes "its" that is!
I'm obviously tired.
I normally pride myself on the whole its/it's thing.