Things I'm thinking about instead of going to school

  • stupid Blogger disappeared the "older posts" link at the bottom of my blog. hmph. once again the idea of switching but I'm too lazy to take everything elsewhere and get it all looking perfect again
  • Lucy REALLY wants on my lap right now - "What do you mean there's not room for me AND the laptop?! Duh: 86 the laptop!"
  • why did they cancel Trauma??? usually I can at least tell why the public at large would not like the same show as I do but this time I admit I am quite flummoxed. Thank goodness I can still watch Season 1 on Netflix.
  • Main reason I can't get going this morning (i.e. today's excuse): I can't figure out what the hell to wear
  • more worried than ever about Griz, who has a large fight wound on the side of his head, but I can't get ahold of him to go to the vet, plus of course he will probably go ballistic in the crate and at the vet's office so I'm not even sure he's treatable
  • fucking college kids deserting their pets each spring - I keep feeling guilty about how to handle things with Griz (and TC on occasion) but I need to remember the ultimate guilt lies with whomever deserted them - there should be mandatory licenses for pet owners
  • better go stare at my wardrobe choices and distract myself from this

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

A good portion of my "why am i up at 5 a.m. hmm, i will think about clothes i can walk in, look cute in, match undergarments and available socks in, have shoes that work for both office and other tasks …" inability to get to work on time …

I am impressed and happy that you still have your semi-ferrel feline friends around at all. It's not your fault; you are doing the best that you can for them; don't get bitten : (

Housecats are lucky and cold and want laptime no matter what. All your cats are lucky; and everything is relative : )

heidimarta a dit…

Hi Susan,

Ha...I have many days when I can't decide what to wear. You'd think that meant I was a fashionista, with closet loads of clothing. Nope, but... Anyway, I definitely enjoy your sense of humor.