Nina Bo Bina, all healthy and looking for a home

She is keeping everyone entertained, or at least occupied (in the case of the big kits). I had no idea how easy I had it with Sammers, you'll see here. No horizontal surface is off limits (for example, S&L have never jumped on the kitchen counters for some reason, here or in AL). However, she has yet (knock wood) to start knocking things down at least (Sammers still corners that market).

They are all spending part of each day unsegregated; Sam & Lucy still mostly hiss at Nina, and when they are all in the livingroom S&L tend to just sit and watch her, looking slightly miffed, occasionally switching to expressions of "What the...?" when she races around and once in a while runs into one of them accidentally. Each of the big kits has finally let her approach for one big sniff, but mostly she still gets hisses, altho not as adamant as a few days ago. Luckily Nina isn't too interested in the bedroom so when S&L periodically adjourn there for their usual naps on the duvet, she leaves them mostly in peace.

Anyway, cute tho she is, NO, we are still firmly against keeping her except as a foster cat, so please help spread the word. Now that she's basically healthy all the way I'll put her back on Facebook marketplace, Craig's list, and Petfinder - please pray to the pet rescue gods for her (and us - finding a home for her is not a selfless act).

As for her health, over the holidays it actually got pretty serious at one point, keeping me from traveling and keeping the house in a mild uproar. Fun routines included: medicating and applying ointment, keeping everyone separated, being super careful of poop microbes between the den (Nina's de facto room) and the rest of the house, covering the floor of the den in towels and fleece blankets which got exchanged and washed almost daily. As an added precaution, my bathrobe became a temporary haz-mat covering and I washed it nearly every time any fleeces or towels went in the washer. Probably overkill but I didn't want any chance of S&L catching the scary diarrhea malady. Two actual vet visits (thank goodness Fox Nest gave us rescue kitty discounts), two different anti-coccidia meds and an additional fecal check later, she is good. We'll go back for her shots this Friday so she'll be all ready when (note vocab of certainty) we find her somewhere to live. (Shots included in original checkover thank goodness but since she was sick they wanted to wait to do them.)

You can tell by the photos how well she is feeling. She still has her calm moments but gone are the days when that was her default status. Next time she is racing around the house (probably this evening) I'll try to get a vid as well. She sleeps a fair amount but when awake she is either finding anything and everything to chew on off the floor (lint and tufts of S&L hair are the faves), racing around from one end of the house to the other ricocheting off various bits of furniture (someone asked if the taillessness would affect her balance - that is a definite NO), trying to squeeze in and under whatever space she can find on shelves and beneath furniture (I'm being extra careful not to let her in the utility closet - unlike S&L she is small enough to get behind the washer and dryer - yikes), watching every minute movement from her elders and still determinedly approaching them for sniffs on a regular basis even tho the sniff to hiss ratio is still probably about 2 to 10, and looking out the office window (it's pretty funny to see her there from outside since her coloring is so much like Sammers' but she is only half as big so it makes me do a doubletake every time).

So here... First, not so healthy and slightly subdued...

Much healthier and livelier...

One of her favorite things is to go plop herself horizontal in front of Sam or Lucy, who look at her aghast and edge away (all societies know to shun their obviously insane members) - here she is failing to get Griz's attention with the same tactic.

I'll try for a non-flash close-up as soon as the occasion permits. Her eye color is more orange than Sammers' - completely inaccurate here with the flash.

Finally someone loves the red rocker as much as I do. This has become her default living room nap spot if she can't score a lap.

Fearless. Not so much b/c heights don't bother her but b/c she'll try to jump up onto pretty much anything regardless of how far she can see. 

The first time she jumped up in the kitchen she happened to be at the sink - highly entertaining to see her recovery once she got up. She just a few minutes ago tried for the top shelf of the diningroom bookcase (bottom right corner in the above pic) which has long been a supposedly cat-proof place for all kinds of loose junk from pockets, etc., knocking down 3 or 4 things and falling down herself since there was absolutely no foot room once she got up there.

If she's sleepy I dare anyone to keep her off their lap unless they just get up.

Getting a break from the squirt.

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Kelly a dit…

OMG--this is bad...i'm in love already and i can't have another kitteh!!!!!! eeeeeee!!! let me know what i can do to help (i know not much over here, other than repost your blog link, but after i return, totally)...
beezous to you and kittehs

Susan a dit…

She is quite the cutie-patootie, it must be acknowledged! I'll be totally up for any ideas you have when you get back about spreading the word, KD. tks hugely - btw read the post again - I did some further editing which might have been after your comment went thru.

JD a dit…

She is so CUTE!

Anonyme a dit…

She looks a little like the Honey! So cute but with 3 very old kitties I could not take another right now....Jack, in his younger years, loved the top of the fridge and cabinets also - too funny!!

Susan a dit…

I really think it's about time for Molly and Hobbes to have a little sister, John! :)

Susan a dit…

somehow I had missed yours Candace - she does look like Honey - I hadn't realized - no worries - I know most of my cat friends are full up already, unfortunately. pray to the cat gods for her :)