Something I've never told a single soul...

Brace yourselves.

Sammers is crazy for Twizzlers. Lucy likes to smell them but is not interested in eating them. From our earliest days together anytime I had Twizzlers Sammers was driven mad by the smell and would try to dig at the bag, etc.

Of course now it's completely out of hand. One day I carefully reviewed the contents and gave him a little teensy piece and ever since then fuhgetaboutit.

We still don't go too far with them. Much to his chagrin, Sam only gets two or three teensy pieces every time I have Twizzlers, which is only about 3 times a year probably. I love Twizzlers but for some reason I never think to buy them.

So there. Consider yourselves educated. I have to go now - Sam is decimating the Twizzlers bag beside me here on the couch.

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

that's funny. the red ones? they are pretty fragrant. and that brand is superior in that way to most (all) others.
i had a cat once who loved planter's cheese balls, but that makes a bit more sense.

Susan a dit…

yep - the regular (strawberry) ones - yeah I haven't tried to see if he reacts the same to Red Vines. :) oh man now I'm craving those cheese balls - tks!