Nina's favorite activities

Nina is our rescue kitty who was abandoned in the neighborhood just before Christmas. Please help spread the word that she needs a home. I'm open to any and all ideas to get the word out about her or for shelters to contact.

Meanwhile this is how Nina spends her time with us:
  1. lying on someone's lap, especially if computer work or knitting is in progress
  2. touching her nose to everyone's faces
  3. trying to sneak in and use the big kits' litter box
  4. trying to ambush big tails
  5. following Sammers around to try to get him to play
  6. racing as fast as possible from one end of the house to the other, ricocheting off of anything and everything in her path
  7. looking out at the back yard
  8. sleeping in the red rocker (if no lap is available)
  9. watching out the office window
  10. crawling under the bed while the big kits are sleeping

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