dernier week-end de liberté...

:( Last weekend of freedom before the new semester - well OK not really since I'm going to try my darnedest not to have work to do on the weekends this year - but last weekend that is not bookended by school for a while. Beurck.

Things I never got finished over break and can't decide whether to try to tackle this weekend or not, or if so which ones:
  • finish knitting the baby blanket for Dyan and Andrew (shhh Paul if you're reading this please don't say anything) - actually this is about 2/3 done so there is still hope it will be finished before heading to Maryland next weekend (in lieu of the holidays due to Miss Nina and other things...)
  • getting my holiday cookies made - all the dough was done and in the fridge ages ago - only about 1/3 got baked - can't decide if people will be too stuffed from holiday grub to eat a bit more, delish tho they would be... plus there's the fact that with school starting my P.O. erranding will be harder to execute...
  • my holiday cards - at least I got them made this year but no further :(  and they are really fun too! so I've decided to save them for next year and just write little notes to everyone to say hello over the next few weeks so everyone knows I really am getting back on the card train next year (further evidence of the Clems*n funk - my not doing cards last year and this - but the fact that they ALMOST came to fruition this time is also evidence that I'm doing slightly better)
  • housecleaning - this was messed up a lot by Nina as well but now it should be doable
  • getting packages sent off to Jessica and Kate - this is partly messed up by my incredibly messy home office where some of the goodies I had been saving for them are buried :( 
  • office/den tidying - it is a virtual war zone and really there's no way it would all get finished in one weekend even if it were the only task so I think I'm going to have to try to make myself do a little bit every evening or something for a while
  • other knitting projects - most of which I have yet to start b/c they're for people who I'm not sure will like them or who I can't get info about color, etc., from... what can I say - there are people who don't like handmade things - crazy but true - and all the worse when they're also people who are hard to buy for... hmph - still if I could nail down the details they could all be finished in a few weeks (the blanket really was the biggest one right off the bat)
  • making my couch cover - the one I've been talking about since last summer and for which I bought GLORIOUS  but sturdy green upholstery fabric for... this might get put off to spring break  :(
  • getting all the unwanted rubber stamps on Ebay - I have no idea why I thought this might happen over Christmas break - it is a humongous project - probably to be put off to summer (for the 3rd time) - of course summers come and first there's Paris, then there's Being Pooped from Paris While Teaching Summer II, so... summers are not exactly restful - but who knows maybe this year I'll have my feet under me better...
  • cleaning out all the cardboard and paper recycling to take to the recycle center (yes we have curbside recycling but when I put this stuff by the street it invariably rains so I always just take it down the road to the recycle sorting center instead - it's a fun little country-roads drive that I get a weirdly huge kick out of anyway so no big)
  • cleaning out all the thrift store stuff to take to Helping Hands
  • getting all the camping stuff re-stored - kind of revamped my storage protocols for the tents and sleeping bags especially and it has taken a little while to finagle containers and make room for them since they will no longer fit in the big livingroom trunk
  • catching up on gmail backlog (always takes a back seat to school mail unfortunately so at the end of each semester there are always gobs of emails that I never answered except to say hi and please stand by)
  • finding a home for Nina... well this one is partly out of my hands altho I did get some stuff done on it: petfinder ad, craigslist ad and waiting list for the no-kill shelter (even tho I'd rather find someone for her instead - the older she is whenever she is at the top of their list, the less chance someone will adopt her and I really would rather she not live in a crate the rest of her life) - wrote up some flyers tonight to take around to the vet offices  - that's the last step at the moment, unless anyone has other ideas...
Well it's pretty apparent that whatever gets done will be eensy compared to this list, especially when you factor in the requisite time for lying-around-the-house-in-anticipation-and-dread-of-another-too-busy-to-spit-semester.

Nyernt nyernt.

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Such a great list...I have one, also. I am trying to make headway but am distracted by petting the cats...I wish I could take Nina but with 3 older kits and a promise to my husband, not so possible.

Susan a dit…

no worries - just please help spread the word and if you think of any other places for me to put info about her let me know :)

Applecart T. a dit…

you have so many goals!
mine are more mundane.
— get old japan journal off defunct computer … somehow …
— unload, sheetrock and reshelve bathroom closet …
— omg exercise!
: )

make nina calmer for me : )
test some caged birds on her …

Susan a dit…

yeah my lists are always too long and completely unrealistic but oh well :) re Nina - would that I could! I am really starting to freak out - tomorrow weather will finally allow me to take flyers to the vet offices - also am calling a shelter in Atlanta (!) to see if they have room or could make room.