Thanks 1/11

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Applecart T. a dit…

how is la niña, anyway?
you may have heard we (i) adopted in a "my owner is dead and my owner's best friend lives someplace only one cat can and that cat hates me anyway and the feeling is mutual" 12-year-old.
i worry for your ankle.
and wonder if MU or some lovely place nearby (with hiking, though forget about the mountains : ( is hiring?

Susan a dit…

yay for your 12-yr-old! I really am going to start reading blogs again soon - yours is the one I miss the most tho, fwiw - Nina (knock wood) presumably has found a home - I don't have the nerve to call the humane society and check but they're supposed to call me if she's not adopted within a certain amount of time - it's been just about a month since we took her but I can't remember how long they try before calling - she's a cutie but I REALLY hope they don't call (again, knock wood)