haven't posted via email for a while...

and I seem to be doing better at posting to the other blogs via email these days (the teaching one, the private journal one, and the mental health non-private but anonymous one) so perhaps if I wake up HOV's email address I'll be more present here, too. We can hope.

Sitting in the livingroom trying not to be mad at myself (unsuccessfully), watching Sam & Lucy Tag, trying to drum up the gumption to go to the gym since I'm not doing anything else and I might as well burn some calories. Plus I have Stieg Larsson on my Kindle so lately the treadmill (or bike, depending) has been much less boring and I actually lose track of time! Crazy!

No news - spirit this semester is probably better overall but for some reason when the valleys come they are deeper than ever. I think it's my being so fucking sick of not being happy here; so even if it perhaps isn't as pervasive as usual, when it hits I am wallowing a bit more or something.

This post is a good example of why I haven't been writing. So maybe if I get the email posting going, at least I can take advantage of those moments when I am a bit more animated, or something particular revs me up, etc., and get some energy moving again on HOV.

Stranger things have happened.

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