Buying Local = perty eggs (and interesting-smelling)

Just picked up rosemary, honey and cagefree eggs at the Clems*n Area Food Exchange pickup spot. Normally this is the kind of thing which I laud from afar but either don't have time to deal with or can't use the stuff that's available, etc. These guys have whatever is available each week on their site, then you order and pay by PayPal, then pick it up between 3h30-6pm every Tuesday fairly close to my house. I logged on the other day thinking this would be another case where there wasn't anything that I could use but they had cagefree local eggs for the same amount I pay at BiLo anyway, plus local honey (I happened to be out), and I got some fresh rosemary to round it out even tho I don't really have any ideas what to do with it at the moment... might do some kind of rosemary bread or something since it's spring break and I might actually get it accomplished...

I specifically chose the farm that mentioned having multicolored eggs and they are beautiful! I'm kind of dreading breaking some of them.

Sam and Lucy of course found them very interesting too... (Some are actually green - hopefully the piece of paper makes it more clear.)

I did break a couple of the less fun brown ones (two of the brown ones are a really fun caramel color but the others were standard brown) and they were really yummy. They really did taste richer and were super yellow. I had had my doubts that they would taste any different than grocery ones but they really were way yummier.

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Anonyme a dit…

Sammers & Lucy make me laugh! Mom brought something new and therefore extremely interesting for us to check out!

Susan a dit…

I know! they were smelling FOREVER - and they left little wet noseprints on the eggs which I was very sad to see did not show up in the pics - they are so funny - and of course Lucy was the last to relinquish her spot - she is The Champeen Smeller!