Marché aux Puces, Day 1

Heading back tomorrow b/c I barely have half of my list of gifts bought... many will not get gifts this year unfortunately, but the things I got so far are pretty fun...

Little antique porcelain ink/watercolor basins.

Little antique bistrot apéritif/cordial/remontant glasses. 

Certainly today's pièce de résistance: 1930's porcelain pot à moutarde. This is not French but (as you may be able to guess) from Holland; still incredibly fun.

Tomorrow I'm heading back out; I made a list of a bunch of ideas that I didn't want to just go ahead and buy so hopefully by the time I get there I'll have figured out which ones to act on and who they'll be for... One of the students wants to go in the morning; this is very good as it will make me get going faster (today I got out there around 14h30 - so much for having a productive day). I especially have my eye on an antique terrine baking dish. It's actually quite nicely priced but heavy... Think I'm going to go for it tho - haven't quite decided if it's going to be a gift or not actually... you know my addiction to antique bakeware...

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Applecart T. a dit…

that is the cutest mustard pot ever!