Mitraillette #319: Good Stuff

OK, I'll make an effort...
  • Went to St. Germain l'Auxerrois today and I think it's the first time I've ever been in it. Pretty cool and extremely fun porch, which you don't see that much on Paris churches.
  • Fun very light spitting rain that lasted the better part of an hour before increasing in intensity timed perfectly for my 30 minutes that I was killing in the park before meeting one of the students at 15h.
  • Bus!
  • Nice lunch with CVK.
  • Didn't get lost on the way home from lunch even tho I had to go thru la Place des Victoires, which seems to be sort of a black hole for me normally. It's like a mini-Luxembourg - I almost can't go thru it without getting lost.
  • Controlled myself admirably at THREE different potentially spendy moments.
  • Got a good deal on the train tickets to see Lydie et Pierre in Caen next weekend - saved about 18€!
  • The afternoon guy au Lutèce was really nice as usual.
  • My mosquito bites are letting up a bit.
  • Extremely fun Japan style dog in the park. Inu desu!
  • Remarkably free-of-pee-odor stretch of the park where usually it's strictly hold-your-breathville.
  • My favorite guy at the FranPrix cash register.
  • Finding out that the laundry detergent I'm almost out of and will definitely have to buy a new box of will only be 5€ instead of the 8-9€ I was expecting it to be.
  • Remembered to buy more Toilet Duck.
  • Giggled as I grabbed it because it always reminds me of Smack the Pony.
  • My so fun and quiet bedroom with the great breeze (nothing, nothing, NOTHING like French air coming thru wide open windows on summer nights - so nostalgic too) and the nice hard mattress, where I'm heading now... :)

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