Mitraillette #1067, or: lots of tidbits that mostly point to the current funk

It's that time again - hodgepodge of tidbits to catch you up since I've been exceedingly lame busy as usual.
  • So Adrienne had mentioned googling herself today on FB and it sparked me to google myself since I hadn't in a while. Top thing is from stupid Rate My Professor (which I never thought was that stupid til I came to Clems*n since at Auburn it was a nice mix of positive and negative) and even tho I didn't go onto the site, the stupid Google blurb quoted enough to send me into a teaching ego nosedive, or at the very least helped my utter fed-up-ness with my job to resurface. 
  • So I've got THAT going for me.
  • No work done tonight. Double yay.
  • Supposed to go to the flea market tomorrow; I have no gifts for anyone yet and it is starting to look like I will only be able to afford stuff for a small handful of people. Hopefully some fun trinkets will shout out to me at the marché.
  • So missing the kits tonight. Two weeks and two days. Ridiculous to be anything but ecstatic here but I forget every year how hard it is going to be without any social life here and mostly broke. Two conditions which do not exactly enhance five weeks' time in Paris.
  • Major stupidass program bank account problem this week which really made the last few days extra fun.
  • Nice rains lately (as in mostly avoiding the times I was out and about :) France really needs it so even if it poured on me I honestly wouldn't mind that much (especially as most of our outdoor promenade excursions are overwith).
  • Good lunch with Christina today; same place as last year, a little resto called Dédé la Frite. Maybe we should make it a tradition. Very yummy altho I have apparently completely forgotten how to eat a non-deboned fish. 
  • That was pretty much it for the restaurant budget; I started with enough for about 1.5 smallish restaurant dinners per week, used up too many of them at the beginning while Natalie was here, and it looks like the last two weeks I'll be reining back on café stops. Probably no meals at all there and definitely just coffee au Lutèce a few times a week instead of daily (or more) like I'd really like. (Le Lutèce has the cheapest coffee I've found so far: 2€10... $1.41 to a euro today so you do the math - too depressing for me.)
  • I think I've lost a little weight. Weird since I usually either gain or stay the same here. I've been walking considerably more than normal even tho we have our metro cards; it helps too that virtually every place I would need to go I have to change metro lines at Chatelet, which I hate, so I almost always talk myself into walking rather than dealing with that.
  • Today tho I took the bus about 3 times, which is always kind of fun. Still, will not make it too much of a habit.
  • Thinking of the next couple weeks makes me tired, but thinking of teaching again right away when I get back makes me tired, too.
  • I just need to hold on another two years I think to be in a place financially where if I'm still no more content with the job and Clems*n I'll be able to afford moving and finding something else to do with my life... assuming the economy is a little better by then so there are jobs...
  • What an uplifting post! My mood is mostly better than last year but still not exactly 24/7 rosy-ness, and I usually think if I don't have some positive stuff to remark on I just shouldn't even write.
  • On the bright side I am journaling WAY more again, which feels really good and is probably at least partly due to not blogging so much (it feels like there's a lot more to it than that tho which bodes well for my continuing - also a fair amount more postcards outgoing and lots more letterwriting the last few weeks before my flight over, so hopefully once I'm back there and not having to worry about paying 5€/pound for apples and get into kind of a routine for Summer II maybe whatever little contentment path I was on in the spring will reveal itself again.

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